Research Center for
the Earth Inclusive Sensing Empathizing with Silent Voices

Research Center for
the Earth Inclusive Sensing Empathizing with Silent Voices


The human race is now faced with major problems of such as food, energy, environment and aging due to population growth and economic development. If you continue to respond after an illness or accident has occurred, as well as the excessive prevention found in pesticides and fertilizers, there is a possibility that it will break down due to high costs and environmental impact.
Therefore, from now on, it is desirable to cope in advance at a low cost by predicting and detecting inconvenient situations. Specifically, everything on the earth is sensed at low cost and notified as necessary information at the necessary timing by AI processing. In other words, it is important to convey the “silent voice” from humans and animals, the environment, and structures on the earth to human society, in contrast to what has been mainly actively informed by people until now. As a feedback from "silent voices", we can encourage individual action for those who need help and, as a result, encourage society where each individual is always needed by someone. “Earth Inclusive Sensing” is not just about pioneering technology with ICT, but also about how to provide feedback to society, such as people and communities.
Participating companies and faculty members work together to realize a society that promotes coexistence and co-prosperity with the global environment, together with our cutting-edge sensing technology, ultra-low power consumption memory and logic, and basic technologies such as AI edge devices.

Leader Profile

Project Leader, Toshiyuki Hiroi

Chief Engineer
R&D Center
Sony Group Corporation
Engaged in development of edge computing devices and systems
Achievement Award of IEICE in 2001, Member of IEEE

Research Leader, Prof. Hitoshi Wakabayashi

He has joined the Tokyo Institute of Technology since CY2013
after the NEC Corporation, MIT and Sony Corporation.
He has engaged
in a Research Representative at JST-CREST of Two-Dimensional Films and
in a Research Supervisor for JST/PRESTO of Information Carriers.

He has been served as the IEEE, EDS BoG Members-at-Large (CY2020-2022) and
a member of Board of Directors in
The Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging (JIEP) in FY2019/2020 and
Japan MOT Society in FY2019/2020.
He had been served as
a member of Board of Directors in The Japan Society of Applied Physics (FY2019/2020) and
the General Chairs in
JSAP/IEEE-EDS/2013 Symposium on VLSI Technology,
JSAP/IWJT 2017/2019/2021 and IEEE/EDTM 2018.