Research Center for
the Earth Inclusive Sensing Empathizing with Silent Voices

Research Center for
the Earth Inclusive Sensing Empathizing with Silent Voices

Core Projects

Earth Inclusive Sensing

Empathizing with silent voices of animals

 The goal is to detect animal silent voices (conditions, feelings, etc.) with a collar-type device, then to provide feedback in a form that is easy for people to understand. Introducing animal-welfare and grazing-compatible real-time breeding management system to the production site in the livestock industry as AI smart technology.

Management System

Empathizing with the silent voices of communication

 IoT / AI sensing systems that visualize and improve communication in real time have been developed for the first time, and is implemented at universities as a scientific tool for innovative human resource development. In addition, it will be expanded for organizations such as companies.


Zero Power AI/IoT Platform

Non-Volatile Memory and Logic

IoT edge devices require low standby and operating power. Non-volatile memory and logic technologies are used to reduce standby power, and low-voltage operation is used to reduce operating power. We aim to develop low voltage operated ferroelectric non-volatile memory by Tokyo Tech's original HfO2 ferroelectric film.

Ultra-Low-Voltage Non-Volatile Memory and Logic

IoT-edge AI smart sensing processor

We will develop machine learning algorithms that significantly reduce the amount of computation for ultra-low-power high-speed processing specialized for edge devices, and demonstrate AI processing of sensor data on a low power processor that can be installed in IoT edge devices.

Earth Inclusive Sensors

We will develop sensors that detect various natural phenomena with ultra-high sensitivity, targeting human, social and natural areas.

TeraHerz Sensor Diamond Quantum Sensor Graphene Sensor